Pandemic Workshop for Parents and Staff

The workshops listed are available for staff development and parent workshops
Workshops you may want to consider while living through these uncertain times of the pandemic…

by: Aurora Anaya-Dyer and IMA
Educational Consultants
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Reassuring Employees by Working either Virtually or on Campus: Identifying Who Am I? Who Are We as a School Faculty? This is the time, more than ever to visit the desire we have to preserve the values, mission and vision of the campus in helping the faculty and staff move forward as they serve students. Questions helpful in asking ourselves are what is our focus and humility and how can we can grow stronger and rise to meet the demands of the present moment? We will discuss and reflect upon answers to the questions asked to determine what will be the plan of action for the near future as we move and work through these uncertain times. Working together and being of support to one another will only make us stronger as a faculty. This workshop will help individuals work on resiliency, being proactive and learning how to best help oneself and others as we move forward with educating our students.

Ethical Leadership:

Decision making can sometimes be difficult but ethical leaders will know to do the "right thing". Ethical leaders will inspire and motivate others by consistently doing what is best for the good of the whole. Ethical leaders have no bias, respect all members of the team, and are honest and dependable. In this session participants will be able to Identify their leadership style and practice ethical leadership for the benefit of the team.

The Importance of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection During Times of Stress and Anxiety:

What it means and how it affects your well-being? Balance is key to being able to function appropriately in our society today more than ever. This workshop will help individuals be more cognizant of how to balance their day by making a plan of self-nurture, self-care and well-being to better serve others in their profession and in their personal life.

Leading through Adversity:

No one can elude adversity forever. Whether you love to live your life on the edge, or are someone who prefers playing things safe, life will never be a bed of roses. It will inevitably and eventually throw unpleasant surprises and challenges in your direction. It is how we respond during these times that matter most. This workshop will help participants gain perspective of our new reality and how to best respond by being proactive, maintaining a positive outlook and helping oneself and others stay focused and calm.

Teaching Children Kindness & Empathy Using Social-Emotional Learning:

A recent study by the American Public Health Foundation found connections between social-emotional skills, taught as early as kindergarten and the positive adult outcomes including “education, employment, less criminal activity and substance use and maintaining a better perspective on mental health.”

Reassuring Families by Working on Identifying Who Am I? Who Are We as a Family?

Are we to ask ourselves who am I, what do I believe in and where do I belong are questions that can help parents with their families to help form a strong sense of self identity? The answer is yes. Getting connected to the universal values and making a visual for the family to display will help every individual in the family make the wisest decisions beginning with pre-K to college and beyond. These exercises will be beneficial to the entire family. Parents will learn the value of making the decision wheel that everyone can use encouraging their children/youth to continue with good grades as we move forward through these uncertain times.

Dealing with Change in Our Campuses:

Participants are guided through storytelling and some activities that helps diffuse fears of sheltering in place, teaching remotely or on campus, getting out in public, negative news on media and feeling anxious. The inevitable is here. Being proactive and observing certain routines, strategies and behaviors will lead to being and maintaining a sense of calm as we work through these uncertain times. We encourage participants to use these techniques taught with consistency. We also continue to help faculty and staff in promoting success for children in academics.

Dealing with Change in the Home:

This fun workshop addresses how people handle change. Participants are guided through a series of activities and story telling that helps diffuse fears of sheltering in place, getting out in public, negative news on media and overall anxiety. We focus on teaching and guiding families to be more accepting of change by leading them through some exercises that are calming. We encourage parents and guardians to use these techniques with consistency. We also continue to help families in promoting success for their children in academics

Redirecting Behaviors using Recognition and Praise:

During these challenging times of living in close quarters, tensions can run high and families can feel overwhelmed by having to shelter in place. This workshop is about giving parents ideas for their toolbox on modeling as leaders in their home for their children to learn from. When we use praise and recognition, people in general respond better and are more willing to do the right thing. Parents will resort to tools learned to be effective leaders at home and encourage their children to be responsible, take turns speaking, practicing values, helping with chores (age appropriate chores will be shared) that can lead to being academically successful.

Crisis in the Home? Resiliency is the Key:

Participants will better understand that in a time of crisis or conflict one needs to be a leader through resiliency. Participants will learn how to work with strategies to maintain calm, look for the good in any situation and be proactive in decisions. Giving their children these tools, will enable them to handle challenging times and maintain good grades in school. The EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique will be taught for grounding and having better emotional control.

Customized Programs

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  • Social-emotional learning/training which results in individuals having more empathy, compassion and may relate better to others. These activities include participants walking away with a new outlook on oneself and looking and working with others in a new way.

It will lead them towards a more fulfilling life feeling peaceful, content, joyful, happy and a renewed sense of self-care while caring more for others. ...Quite the boomerang effect! Therapeutic techniques for healing and learning.

All workshops leading to emotional balance and academic success.



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