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Inspiration, Motivation, Application. LLC

Motivating & Engaging Teams in El Paso, Texas

IMA is a “value-centered company that focuses on people and customer care. As a professional and personal development company, our goal is to inspire people to recognize and act on their own power to achieve their maximum potential,” states the owner, Aurora Anaya-Dyer. Designed to build confidence, effectively bring about change, offer prevention and intervention strategies, create harmonious and productive working environments, and develop the leadership qualities to produce overall organization excellence for each member of a team.

IMA is uniquely positioned and focused on helping people in education, business, and families.

“This is the best in-service ever!” is how one participant expressed his appreciation for one of our workshops, that bustle with enthusiasm, eagerness, and a renewed passion for personal interests that may have suffered diminished fascination without your being aware of it is expressed in many ways by persons attending. Please visit the Testimonials page for additional feedback from people who have attended our workshops.


IMA's purpose is help individuals through education, personal and professional development in workshops that are engaging and life changing.

OUR vision

To help participants navigate through each workshop effortlessly while having fun.

Inspiration, Motivation, Application. LLC

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“This journaling exercise has helped me stay focused and it de-clutters my mind, starting fresh every week, knowing my direction, knowing that it comes from within as I take time to connect me with my soul during reflection. It’s like a weekly tune-up, a thorough “mind” massage. I almost can’t concentrate if I skip a week.”

~ Rosemary Flores, Las Vegas, Nev.

“The presentation style used to deliver the training was highly informative, attention getting, fun and exciting.”

~ C.R. Coca Cola Enterprises, Mission, TX.

"Es un taller muy bueno porque te ayuda a mantener la calma y la reflexion para llevar a casa."

~ Carlos Rivera Elem. Parent, El Paso, TX.

“This was great I felt motivated and ready to start the new school year.”

~ Horizon H.S. teacher, Clint, TX.

“This was a very informative and inspirational workshop. I learned some things about myself and how to better serve our customers—Thanks!”

~ Ysleta Teachers Federal Credit Union, El Paso, TX.

Inspiration, Motivation, Application. LLC